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We work from 09:00-22:00 seven days a week, but by advance booking with prepayment, we are open during the hours you need from 22:00 - 09:00.

The studio is booked in advance by calling +351 935 067 485 (receiving calls from 09:00 to 22:00), or through the online booking form in the schedule on the website.

Preliminary screening of the halls is carried out from 09:00 to 22:00 strictly on the condition that the hall is free, or during a break between rentals.

The basic rate includes the maximum number of people, including those in the common areas of the studio - 10; if this amount is exceeded, the rental price increases by 30%; if there are more than 20 people in the hall, - by 50%. The maximum number of people in the studio is 30 people.

​Standard rental time for one hall is 2 hours. Rent for 1 hour is possible with a surcharge of 30% to the standard price.

The administrator ensures the renter's access to the hall strictly only after signing the rules of the studio and the act of liability, as well as full payment of the rent. Please plan your time with this requirement in mind.

Please note that the administration cannot guarantee the possibility of recording a clear sound.

The use of any coloring matter is possible only upon agreement with the administration. The use of oils, confetti, glitter, flour, artificial snow or a snow machine is not allowed.

It is forbidden to stick adhesive tape on the walls of the studio, as well as to drill holes and mount fasteners.

For security purposes, the studio is under video surveillance.

The administration reserves the right not to allow into the studio and remove from the studio persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the studio.

Minors (under the age of 18) can be on the territory of the studio only accompanied and under the supervision of their parents or other legal representatives. The studio is a place of increased danger, when minors are on the territory of the studio, parents or other legal representatives assume responsibility for the risk of injury or other damage to health by a minor.

Filming with animals is subject to agreement with the administration.

It is impossible to connect lighting equipment to power connectors 32A, 63A. Additionally, connection of lighting equipment and the use of equipment with a power of more than 3.5 kWh is paid separately, the cost is 20 € for a 12-hour shift.

In case of detection of obvious pollution in the hall after the lease, the renter is obliged to pay for cleaning services in the amount of 30 €.

Removal of furniture and decorations from the hall is possible in agreement with the administration.

The renter is obliged to vacate the hall 10 minutes before the end of the rental time. In case of untimely release of the premises, the renter will be charged a monetary compensation in the amount of 15 € for every 5 minutes, or the renter must extend the rental of the hall for 1 hour if this time is not occupied.

Paper backgrounds
Paper backgrounds are consumables and are paid separately at the rate of 10 € per linear meter of rolled or damaged background (rush, jam, indelible stains, etc.).


​Make-up tables
Make-up tables are located in each hall, the time of their use is included in the total rental time of the hall.


Studios are equipped with monoblocks GODOX DP600 ||, synchronizer and attachments.


There is free parking on the territory.

The administration is not responsible for the equipment left at night in the studio.

Rental Time Calculation

  • The start of the studio rental is the stated time that you have booked, and not the actual start time of the shooting.

  •  The use of the studio starts from the time actually booked and ends 10 minutes before the end of the reservation. 10 minutes are allotted for leaving the studio and preparing the hall for the arrival of the next clients.

  • The end of the lease of the studio is the time when the renter leaves the studio. If the studio is free after the time reserved by the renter, you can extend the shooting time by paying additional rent after the time spent in the studio. In case of early completion of the shooting, the booked time is paid in full.

  • If the studio is reserved by the next client, then you must leave the studio no later than the rented time.

  • At the end of the shooting, the rented premises must be put in order. All props must be handed over to the administrator. Garbage generated during filming (shooting with fluff, snow, hay, etc.) must be removed before the end of the rental period for the shooting pavilion.

  • Do not forget the things you used for shooting, so as not to create inconvenience to colleagues. Get started early!)

  • In case your rental starts from 23:00 and later, the Studio will charge a fee of 10 €‎ per hour for each hour of waiting for the administrator before the start of your rental.

  • In case your rental ends later than 00:00 at night (i.e. ends at 01:00, 02:00, 03:00, 04:00 and 5:00) or starts between 05:00 and 06:00 in the morning - studio charges 40€ for late check out/early check in of the administrator.


We work on the terms of 10 EUR prepayment.
Prepayment must be made within 3 hours of booking.
If the prepayment is not made on time, your reservation is automatically cancelled.
For more information, please contact the studio administrators.
In case of booking more than 50 hours, prepayment conditions are considered on an individual basis.

Advance booking times

Studios can be booked no earlier than 3 months before the rental date. In case of booking more than one month before the rental date, and subject to changes in the prices for renting halls, the final calculation takes into account the prices valid at the time of the shooting.

"Fake" booking

You can refuse or reduce the rent in the following ways: at the studio reception, call the studio phones or write to e-mail.

If you cancel or reduce the rental more than 120 hours before the booked time, then you pay nothing and can collect the prepayment in full.

If you cancel the booking, postpone the time or date of the booking, reduce the rental time in less than 120 hours, then the studio reserves the right to withhold 100% of the prepayment.

In case of early completion of the shooting, the booked time is paid in full.

Rules for the use of equipment

Preparation of backgrounds and change of attachments is carried out by the studio administrator.

For damage and breakage of studio equipment and accessories, the tenant bears full financial responsibility and reimburses losses in the amount and volume, in agreement with the administration of the studio.
At the end of the shooting, the equipment is checked by the administrator.

Forgotten things

The studio is not responsible for things left in the halls, but preserves them if possible. Items found in the halls are described and deposited with administrators.
Items are stored for 1 week, after which we have the right to transfer them to a collection point for unnecessary things or dispose of them. We ask clients to pick up the things found in the studio as soon as possible.

By renting a photo studio, you agree to the terms of the rental.

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